Whitetail Deer Hunt in British

British Columbia should be considered as the new Mecca for hunting large trophy deer. Vast areas of prime deer habitat and limited hunting pressure give bucks the opportunity to reach maturity and produce trophy racks. The most effective hunting is from tree-stands located over good travel corridors, rutting areas, and adjacent to feeding areas. There is a 1-buck limit with the best chances to bag a nice trophy whitetail deer. During the hunt, a well-placed tree stand over an active scrape line is a deadly bet. Our 795-square mile hunting territory is located within the agricultural zone of southern BC.

Our chief-guide, Scott McKenzie, is an avid bow hunter, and will personally guide you one-on-one on this hunt for the highest chance to bag a trophy deer in the 130 140 range. He really does his homework by intensively scouting these areas all year long. By setting up stands well in advance, he guarantees quality hunting spots with very little hunting pressure. Lodging will be more likely done out of the guide's place, which is very clean and comfortable or in a nice cabin located on the nearby mountains. The number of openings are very limited as hunting whitetail deer here has nothing to do with large scale business, but rather with friendly and personalized service, which is becoming as difficult to get as it is for those huge bucks.

Our Package Includes

- Airport pick-up and drop-off (Kelowna Airport)

- 6 full hunting days

- Guide

- All meals while on the hunt

- Comfortable lodging (take a look inside)

- On-site transportation

- Trophy care

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Combo Hunt for Grizzly, Black Bear and Wolf

The grizzly is the second largest member of the bear family, next only to the polar bear. Grizzlies - like humans - exist at the top of the biotic pyramid, they have played a prominent role in the cultural history of North America, particularly in native Indian cultures. Grizzlies are very territorial, they need a wide range of at least 50 to 100 square km to prowl for the large quantity and variety of food required to maintain their average healthy weight of 700-850 pounds. The number of grizzlies in Canada was recently estimated at about 25,000. In other words, if you have planned a grizzly bow hunt for your bow hunting career, write it down on your schedule today.

A Grizzly hunt with bow and arrow for the most courageous among us. Hunters should be in good shape as you'll be hunting in the alpine in the avalanche shoots where the first grass appears.

Contact us today for your reservation today because we fear that in a few years, such hunts may be history.

Twelve day packages in the heart of the Omineca Mountains for two persons only.